Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sad story

Sarah was a cheerleader on the team
and had everything she ever wanted.
Until one day... her life crashed.

Mom: Wake up honey. Michael's
downstairs waiting for you.
Sarah: Oh my gosh. I woke up too late!
I still need a shower and everything!

Right when she said that Michael
walked into her room smiling from ear
to ear.

Michael: No baby. You're beautiful
just like that- now come on, I'm

Sarah: Okay.

Sarah got out of bed, put on some
clothes, took his hand, and walked out
the door to his car and got in.

Sarah: Where are we going? Remember
that I have to be home by 1. I have
cheerleading practice and you have

Michael: I know..

Then Sarah noticed that Michael was
really pale-looking.

Sarah: Michael are you feeling okay?
You look like you're sick..

Michael: Yeah; it's just my allergies.

Sarah: Are you sure? Did you go to the
doctor yet?

Michael: Yeah.. I went yesterday. They
just said to take some allergy pills
and that I'll be okay.

Sarah turned to look away from Michael.
She knew there was something wrong.
She has allergies and she doesn't look
like that.
Then he reached out and held her hand.

Sarah: Michael your hands are so cold.
I dont think you're okay tell me
what's really wrong.. do we need to go
back to the house?

Michael: I promise you baby;
everything is okay.. they told me to
go back tomorrow but I'm not going
because there's nothing wrong with me.

Sarah: Michael you need to go! If they
told you to then there is something

Michael let go of her hand and turned
back to the road and didn't talk to
her the rest of the way.
Sarah just looked at him.
They finally pullled up to the
resturaunt and ate breakfast.

Michael: Did you bring your
cheerleading stuff or do we have to go
back to your house to get it?

Sarah: I have it.. do you really think
you should go to football practice
like that ?

Michael: Yes Sarah. I'm fine.

Sarah: If you say so..

Michael: Sarah, baby, would I lie to

Sarah: No...

They got back in the car and went to
the field.
They got out and started practice.
Sarah was practicing a new cheer, but
then out of no where she heard a boy


Right when she heard that she turned
around and saw Michael on the ground
just laying there, not moving.
She ran to him but her dad pushed her

Dad: No honey. You shouldn't be right

Sarah started to cry.

Sarah: Daddy. What happened? Is he

Dad: Honey. Please just go back with
your coach.

Sarah walked back and sat on the bench
with her head in her hands while an
ambulance came and took him away.
She got in the car with her dad and
they went to the hospital.
When they got there his mom was
already there and talking to the
They walked over and listened...

Doctor: You may want to sit down for

Michaels Mom: Is he okay?

Doctor: Ma'am.. your son has lukiemia.
We can put him on treatments, but he
might not make it because the cancer
has already spread too much.

Sarah was shocked and began to cry on
here dads shoulder.

Michaels Mom: Treatments?

Doctor: Well the treatments would
cause hair loss... but it will help
slow the cancer down.

Michaels Mom: But he's certain to die?

Doctor: Yes.. but we have had this
surgery to clear out the clogs.. but
it's possible that he will not make it.

Michaels Mom: I will have to talk to
him about this. Can we see him now?

Doctor: Yes. One at a time though.

Michaels mom looked over at Sarah and
hugged her tight she knew that Sarah
loved him with all her heart.

Michaels Mom: You go first sweetheart.

Sarah: Are you sure?

Michael's Mom: Yes honey.

Sarah walked slowly to his room and
turned the knob.
She just stood there, looking at him
lying there weak.
He was so pale and he had tubes
surrounding him.
It was painful for her to look at him.
Michael looked at her and weakly
smiled at her.
She went over and kneeled down beside

Michael: Did they already tell you?

Sarah: Yes...

Michael: I'm sorry Sarah. I didn't
want you to find out like this.

Sarah: It's okay; I understand Michael.

Michael: Baby I love you so much.

Michael reached up and slowly ran his
fingers through her hair.

Sarah: I love you too Michael. With
all my heart.. and I will be here for
you 'till the end.
Michael: Im going to be okay Sarah.

The nurse walked in with Michaels mom.

Nurse: Its her turn now.

Michael looked at Sarah.

Michael: Bye baby.
Sarah: Bye.

Sarah kneeled down and softly kissed
his cold lips.

Months went by and Michael lost his
hair, but they were still deeply in
love and Sarah was by him everyday.
Michael was getting worse to where he
couldn't even play football, and the
championship game was coming up.

Michael was sitting on Sarah's porch
with her and her dad.

Michael: Coach.. I wanna play tomorrow.

Dad: Michael I know you do.. but I
can't let you do that.. you'll get

Michael: No, coach. Please. This might
be the last time on the field for me.
I want to be able to play one more

Dad looked at Michael and then at
Sarah nodded her head.

Dad: You're a strong boy, Michael, and
very brave. I think we can do this.

Michael: Thank you so much coach.

Sarahs dad nodded his head.

Dad: So what are you two doing tonight?

Michael: I wanna show Sarah something
if that's okay.

Dad: Of course; you two be careful.

Michael took Sarah's hand and lead her
to his car.
It was completely dark outside when
they pulled up to the football field.

Sarah: What are we doing here?

Michael: Follow me.

Michael grabbed a blanket and laid it
down onto the field.
They both laid there looking at the

Sarah: This is so beautiful.

Michael: I do this often. I wanted to
show you the place I love.

Sarah: Do you remember the flowers you
gave me on our very first date?

Michael: Sure I do; I gave you
lillies; your favorite.

Sarah: Yeah... I'll never forget that

Michael: I want you to always remember
something Sarah.

Sarah: What is it?

Michael: I will always be with you..
and I will always love you.. you're my
one and only..

Sarah started tearing.

Sarah: I love you so much, Michael.

Michael: And I also want you to be
happy.. I want you to marry someone,
have kids, make a family, just live a
happy life for me.

Sarah: No. I will never marry anyone..
im marrying you Michael

Michael: Just don't forget what I told

Michael leaned in and kissed her.
She pushed him off and jumped up

Sarah: You still think you can catch

Michael: Oh yeah. I'm stronger than I

Sarah: Then come get me.

Michael stood up and chaised her
around the football feild until he
finally caught her.
He laid on top of her and put her
hands behind her back and held her
there so she couldn't move.
Then it started to rain and they were
getting soaked but they didn't care.

Michael looked deep into her eyes.

Michael: Who's the weak one now huh?

Sarah: Me (she giggled)

Michael: Remember what you told me
that night when we were at dinner?

Sarah: No.. what?

Michael: You have always wanted to
kiss in the rain with the one you love.

Sarah: Yeah?

Michael: Well your wish is my comand.

Michael leaned down and kissed her
He pulled away.

Michael: You're so beautiful.

Sarah: You're such a good kisser. (she
laughed.. so did he)

Michael: I better get you home.

They got into the car and went home.
It was hard for them to sleep that
night but they did.
It was finally the big day and they
were all at the football field.
Michael had on all his football gear,
and Sarah was ready to cheer him on.
The game began.
The crowd was going wild for Michael
while Sarah was cheering her heart out
for him.
The score was 36 to 36.
All they had to do was make one more
point and they would win.
Michael had the ball and ran with all
he had to the touchdown line and threw
the ball down.
He had made a touch down!
Everyone was cheering.
They had won the game!
But for Michael.. he may have lost his
He fell to the ground trying to catch
his breath.
Sarah ran to him and kneeled down over
He looked up at her gasping for breath.
Everyone was heading to field.
Her dad stood infront of them.

Dad: Back away.. give them a moment
please.. that's my daughter's love.

Michael gently raised his hand and
whiped her tears away.

Sarah: Don't die Michael.. I need
you.. I love you..

Michael: I told you this was my dream
to win the championship.. to be in the
big game.. to die on this feild.. I
made history.

Sarah leaned down and kissed him,
knowing this was the last she would
ever kiss him, the last time she would
ever talk to him.
She had so much to say but had no time
to say it.

Michael: I love you baby. Tell Mom I
love her too.. and tell coach thank

Sarah: I love you Michael. I love you
so much.

Michael: I'll wait for you.....

Michael's hand dropped and he let go.
He died that night on the football
Sarah cried for 2 months straight.
Sarah was lying on her bed when her
dad walked in.

Dad: Honey, it's been 2 months. Please
get up. He would want you to have fun
and be happy.

Sarah: I know..

Dad: Guess what.

Sarah: What?

Dad: They are building a new stadium.
Isn't that great honey? Come on, I
want you to come with me before they
tear the old one down.

Sarah got up and went with her dad to
the field.
They climbed to the top of the
bleachers and looked down.

Sarah: It's like it was just
yesterday. He was out there throwing
the football, making that touchdown.

Her dad wrapped his arms around her
and she began to cry.

Dad: I know baby., I know.

Then Sarah noticed something on the

Sarah: Whats that daddy? Look. (Sarah
pointed to the field)

Dad: Look like some flowers are
Sarah: Oh my gosh, daddy! Stop them!
Don't let them tear this down! Please!
Michael planted me something.

Her dad ran down there and stopped
Weeks later the flowers had bloomed.
Her and her dad went to look at them.
They were lillies that left a message
saying, "I Love You".

ke lowyat mencari card reader

hari ni, aku pegi lowyat nak cari card reader hanie. haha. dari semalam dah cari, tak beli sebab mahal. semalam dengan afizal (driver) , anip and hanie la. hari pegi lowyat dengan pajero bapak aku. wan (driver) , aku and hanie je. pukul 3 aku and wan ambik hanie kt rumah,wahh comel je dia :p , then kami gerak ..stuck kt jalan ampang, jam gile. agak panas lak time tu, dengan air-cond tak brape ade. hishh.. bepeluh den. smpai sane dlm pukul 4 mcmtu lah. jalan2 dlm lowyat.
cari card reader hanie, haih kalau tak dapat merajok, so teman lah en. then finally, dia dpt ape yg dia nak. nasib baik murah. hahabwk leh la blanje dia. next time lah eh hanie, sorry! :p . then jalan2. pegi kitaro. minum2 aku makan roti canai, blablabla. aku bayar semua. cehhh haha.. then nak balik dah, but aku ckp kt wan, rilex dulu. baru kul 5 lebih. jalan2 la kejap dah ada kete ni. hehe. so kami pon mule lah gerak. haiyaaa jam lagi wooooo.. haiyaa.. kami jalan2 ke taman tar pulak. cehh nk tengok monyet la en. haha. smpai sane dah nk maghrib, ingt monyet dah balik. tapi ade lagi, org2 pon ramai lg mase tu, tgh bagi makan. smpai sane lepak kejap. hanie belik kacang bagi 'anak2' dia makan. HAHA. dgn penuh mesranya. :p dah habes semua , balik. hantar hanie.. aku dan wan pun balik ke umah aku. hantar kete. hahhh penat gak hari punya perjalanan.
aku dan wan smpai umah aku melepek kt bilik. penat. hanie balik penat dan happy dapat card reader dia. haha.

*hanie, jangan merajok lagi macam semalam

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Malaysia vs Manchester United

Reds confirm Malaysia date

Kuala Lumpur will be United's first stop on this summer's four-match pre-season tour of Asia.

At a press conference on Tuesday it was confirmed the world champions will play a Malaysia XI at the picturesque Bukit Jalil Stadium on 18 July, kick-off 10:30 BST. (5.30pm)

It's eight years since the Reds last visited Malaysia, when 100,000 fans watched a Malaysian All-Stars team lose 6-0 to a strong United line-up. And official tour promoters ProEvents are expecting similarly fervent support this year.

“We are excited to work with the club again, and to bring to Asia one of the most exciting and biggest football clubs in the world," said San Boon Wah, managing director of ProEvents International.

“The club is popular throughout the world and especially so in Asia, where it has a wide fan base. I am sure many football fans, both local and from the region, are thrilled by this opportunity to see the champions in action."

Chief executive David Gill added: “Our relationship with fans in Malaysia is already well established, with local young people having the chance to learn to play the game the Manchester United way with MU Soccer Schools.”

United confirmed the China leg of the tour on Monday and details of the other two games, in Korea and Indonesia, will be revealed on ManUtd.com on Wednesday and Friday.

*ticket maybe around rm58 to 98. MAYBE~

Kenduri Kahwin Jiran Sebelah

ahhh, start hari khamis dorang sudah siap2 pasang khemah dah, tuan rumah nk mintak tolong aku, tapi betapa malasnya aku nk menolong, bangun pun da tengah hari. haha. so aku decide nk lepak dgn kawan, sbb dia cuti. so plan petang2 nak training futsal. so aku pun lepak je la .tapi ada jgak rase besalah . balik pun dah maghrib. khemah semua dah siap. wahhh. happening.
masuk rumah takut je kena marah sbb tak tolong. haha. tapi tgk2 1 family aku tengah lepak tgk tv and makan. lerrrr 2x5 je semua ye. haha.pstu mlm tu ada tahlil. ayah je pegi. aku tak jgak. sbb lepas mandi then nk tgk heroes. so dtg makan je then trus masuk rumah tgk tv balik. then esknye, jumaat, tak tolong ape2 pon. dorg nikah. then mcm biase makan2, kitaorg keje makan je. hehe.
then tadi, dah start la pengantin semua dtg, tetamu semua ada la. mcm2 la. kitaorg tetap dtg makan je , and lepak umah tido. hehe. so maybe besok semua habes. alhamdulilah :D

*cerita macam penat je menolong kn? :p

i'm newcomers :)

Finally, aku dah ada blog. haha. aku akan ceritakan macam2 dekat sini. so keep update with my story, i'm still working on it okay. thank peoples :)